If English is not your first language than it is more than likely that you will at some point take the TOEIC test or the TOEFL test. It is important that you know the differences between these two popular English tests. These two tests are used in different ways and are used by different groups of people to measure a person's English ability. Let's take a look below at the differences between TOEIC vs TOEFL.

What are the differences between TOEIC vs TOEFL?

The TOEIC test is for people who want to work in a job that uses English. The TOEIC test measures a person’s English ability in the workplace. So if you are applying for a job or trying to get a promotion this is the test you need to take. Many people also like to use the TOEIC test to better understand how well they can speak English. Even if you don't plan on working in a job where you need English you can still use this test to measure your English ability.

The TOEFL test is for people who want to study abroad in a language school or a university. The TOEFL test measures a person’s English ability for academic studies. Basically if you want to study at an ESL program abroad or would like to apply to enter a university or college you need to take the TOEFL test.

Who takes the TOEIC test?

Basically anyone who needs to use English in their job. Employees in international corporations. Job applicants. Students in business, vocational, and trade schools, community colleges. Students in the business track of English language programs/schools.

Who takes the TOEFL test?

Basically anyone who wants to study in a foreign university or college. Students in the academic track of English language programs/schools. Students in colleges or universities that have a language requirement.Applicants to scholarship and exchange programs.

What are the test formats?

The TOEIC test was originally a 2 part test that measured a student's English reading ability and listening ability. Now they have another test that measures a student's speaking and writing skills. Check with your company or organization for which test they want you to take. They offer a traditional paper test but you can also take the tests online. The TOEIC reading and listening test usually takes 2 and a half hours to finish. The TOEIC speaking and writing test takes about 80 minutes.

The TOEFL test can only be taken online .It measure's a person't reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. The test usually takes about 4 and half hours.

What are the differences in content?

The content is very different between the TOEIC test versus the TOEFL. The TOEIC test is focused on business English so you will see topics ranging from contracts and marketing to eating out and buying a train ticket.

The TOEFL test on the other hand is focused on the university and academic worlds. So you could have to read someone's flyer looking for a new roommate or listen to a class lecture on ancient history.

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