TOEIC score

After you take the TOEIC test you will receive your score in usually 3 to 4 weeks. If you take the computer based test you may be able to receive it even faster. If you are not satisfied with your score you can take the test again. There is no limit to how many times you can take the test and you do not have to wait before taking it again. Your score is valid for 2 years. If two years pass than some employers or companies may not accept the score. It all depends on the company.

The TOEIC test is not a pass or fail test. After you take the test you will receive a TOEIC score anywhere from 0 to 990. Below are some short descriptions of what each score means. Please remember that this is all general information and may not always apply to each student. Sometimes a student with high speaking ability can receive a very low  score because that student doesn’t have a good understanding of grammar or perhaps they are not used to reading  English. The opposite can be true as well, sometimes a student will receive a very high  score but doesn’t have great speaking skills. However, the descriptions below are generally correct and can be applied to most people’s TOEIC scores.


A TOEIC Score of  200-300

A person who gets this score will be able to communicate only in very basic situations. This person is probably a beginner with little experience in a English work environment. These students can often very quickly improve their scores. Very often the improvement is in the listening sections. Generally speaking these students should focus more on improving their overall English ability before they start any TOEIC specific study.


A TOEIC Score of  300-500

A person who achieves this score is able to communicate face to face on familiar topics. This person’s English is functional but not proficient. Often this can be a student who can have conversations about everyday topics but has not learned more difficult grammar patterns or business related vocabulary. Again these types of students can quickly improve their scores by focusing on TOEIC specific English study. Students in the this range should try to watch a DVD guide with the English subtitles on, and if the time is available should watch the same lesson more than once. This reading of the subtitles and repeated watching will greatly increase the students listening ability in a short amount of time.


A TOEIC Score of  500-600

A person with this score can usually start and maintain face to face conversations. This person may be able to do basic jobs where English is needed but more business specific tasks such as e-mailing, speaking over the telephone and participating in business meetings may be too difficult. At this level  the student should begin to take part in English only  classes. In the beginning these classes may seem difficult, usually after a month or two the student’s listening ability will have improved dramatically. Students in this range should try to use our DVD guides without subtitles if possible.


A TOEIC Score of  600-730

A person with this score can effectively communicate in most social situations and some work situations. Given time, they have few problems with e-mailing, given practice they can become adapt at speaking English over the phone.This student should have few problems taking an all English lesson.  Often for many students this is the point where further improvement becomes more difficult. Regular reading of English books, magazines and newspapers is recommended to increase vocabulary and reading speed.


A TOEIC Score of  730-880

A person with this score can usually communicate in almost all social and work situations. At this level most companies would find the student’s English ability to be sufficient for work where English is needed. These students should try to use English only dictionaries and regularly read English reading materials.


A  TOEIC Score of  880-990

A person with this score can effectively communicate in any situation. At this level, the student could work in any English related job or job based in an English speaking country.